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Sustainable performance for a renewable future 

The best path to a renewable future is sustainable operations in the present. This is an agenda with which Klabin, with 124 years of operations, has an intrinsic and historical relationship and which permeates its strategy of full and continuous growth, its focus on efficiency, its constant investments in technology, research, and innovation to pursue the sustainability of its business with consistent, long-term results. 

Klabin recognizes that making progress in this direction requires not only its own efforts, but joint construction of shared value, good practices, collaborative discussions, and the implementation of a unified, worldwide agenda to tackle challenges such as the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The Company's forestry and industrial activities adhere to practices that promote the conservation of biodiversity and the maintenance of ecological balance in the regions where it operates. The care extends in the relationship with customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and partners, and also in the dialogue with the communities, and with society as a whole. 

Klabin constantly seeking solutions that drive economic development through new ways of interacting with the planet and its resources.  

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With 22 industrial units spanning all five regions of Brazil and one in Argentina, Klabin's operations range from the production and sale of wood and pulp to the manufacture of paper and packaging for a wide variety of market segments. It is nationally and internationally renowned for its long-standing commitment to sustainable development, combating climate change, and promoting a more circular economy. 


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Forestry Business

Forestry Business

The wood used in the pulp and paper production process comes from forests cultivated with socially and ecologically appropriate management,  and 100% of the forest areas are certified by the FSC. In the supply of wood to the mills, 82% of certified wood was used (51% of certified own wood and 31% of certified third-party wood) and 18% of third-party controlled wood, following the certification regulations. In Paraná, 100% of our forest areas are also certified by the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and the Company is in the process of extending this Program to other forest areas. In addition to fulfilling its needs, Klabin supplies wood logs to the furniture and construction industries. 

Its signature approach to forest cultivation is mosaic planting, which combines both planted and native forests. The technique helps protect natural resources, improves the forests' production potential and collaborates with biodiversity conservation. There are 719,000 hectares of total forest area, 42% of which are conservation areas. Learn more at Challenges of forest planning.

Pulp Business

Pulp Business

Klabin is the only Brazilian company to produce and supply the market with three types of pulp – hardwood (from eucalyptus), softwood (extracted from pine) and fluff (specially produced from pine softwood) – in a single industrial unit, designed especially for this purpose.   

Paper Business

Paper Business

Klabin is the largest manufacturer and exporter of  packaging paper and paper packaging in Brazil. Produced with its own hard and softwood pulp, the paper and board meet global standards of quality and sustainability.  

In 2022, the Company continued the expansion of the industrial park in Ortigueira (PR) with the construction of the MP28 paperboard machine, expected to start operating in the second quarter of 2023. The company's annual paper production capacity, which is currently 2.6 million tons, will increase to 3.1 million tons upon completion of the works and the machine's ramp-up. 

Packaging Business

Packaging Business

As the leader in the packaging segment in Brazil, Klabin is able to provide solutions for all types of businesses, including e-commerce. Its proposal is to offer customers functional, lightweight, economical, and biodegradable products from renewable sources. The Packaging Business is also responsible for the production of recycled paper, with a processing capacity of more than 450,000 tons a year, which makes Klabin the largest paper recycler in Brazil. 


International lists and rankings 

The long-standing commitment to a management approach that focuses on sustainable development, good governance practices, and transparency has earned Klabin a place on international lists and rankings that set it apart in the market. 

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Presence in the Dow Jones Index 

Klabin is the only Brazilian pulp and paper industry present in the Global and Emerging Markets portfolios of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). It is one of the world’s foremost references for best sustainability practices for companies listed on stock exchanges. 

B3's ISE 

For the tenth consecutive year, Klabin is part of the B3’s Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) portfolio, which highlights the companies with a high degree of commitment to the sustainability of business and the country. 

Climate change 

For the third year in a row, Klabin has been included in the CDP Brazil Climate Resilience Index (ICDPR70) with an A rating, which attests to the success of its operational and management practices in helping to reduce the effects of climate change. 

Leaders Group 

For the second time, Klabin joined the Business Leaders Group at the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. The leadership group is responsible for spreading the low carbon economy in the private sector. 

2x Triple A in the CDP 

The Company earned a Triple A rating for the second consecutive year from CDP (Disclosure Insight Action) in three programs: Climate Change, Water and Forests. 

Sustainable Company 

Klabin was the only Latin American company to be featured in the top 1% of The Sustainability Yearbook, organized by S&P Global, in 2022. Only 67 companies among the 708 in the ranking occupy this position. This is the third time the Company has been included on the list, and the first time with this distinction. 

Featured in the Exame Guide 

Recognized as one of the outstanding companies in the Pulp and Paper segment in the Exame Best of ESG 2022 Guide. The placement came based on the plans, goals, and actions implemented to practice conscious capitalism and strengthen the circular economy in Brazil.  

Benchmark in agribusiness 

Klabin obtained the second best placed among the companies in the Reforestation, Pulp and Paper category in the Best of Agribusiness Award, from Globo Rural magazine. A benchmark in the sector, the award is based on Serasa Experian's methodology, which evaluates both financial results and environmental indicators. 

Transparent company 

One of the top companies of the 26th edition of the Transparency Trophy. The ten Financial Statements with the highest quality of information in each category were evaluated. Klabin was ranked in “Companies with net revenues of BRL 5 billion to BRL 20 billion”. 


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Amcham Eco award

Klabin was one of the winners with the Eukaliner® case. In the 2022 edition, 86 companies registered 108 projects in the Sustainability in Processes and Sustainability in Products and Services categories. Annually, the award selects projects from companies of all sizes that feature sustainability attributes in their strategies. 

Golden Tombstone award

Klabin came out on top in the “Debt” category with the Sustainability-Linked Bond (SLB), considered an innovator in financial sustainability. The award publicizes fundraising operations that stand out for their relevance and innovation. The achievement represents the Company's commitment to sustainability and value generation. 

ABTCP highlights of the sector award

Klabin was chosen in three categories of the award, targeting manufacturers and suppliers in the Brazilian pulp and paper industry. They include: Manufacturer of Packaging Paper, with the product EkoMix; Forest Development, with the Forest Control Tower project; and Social Responsibility, with the Plante com a Klabin program. 

Ecology Expression award

Recognized in the "Water Conservation" category for the initiative of producing, conserving, and monitoring water in forest mosaic management. The project maintains experimental micro-watersheds, located in areas of reforestation (pine/eucalyptus) and native forest, generating information about the hydrological functioning of sustainable management of forest plantations. 

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